What Are Alternative and Complementary Therapies?

A complementary therapy is a therapy that can be used with, or instead of, medicine prescribed by your doctor. Examples of complementary therapies are;

Herbal medicine

An alternative therapy is a therapy, which can be used instead medicine that you would purchase from a chemist or be prescribed by your doctor. Examples of alternative therapies are;

Craniosacral Therapy

Some therapies can be alternative and complementary, for example counseling could be used with or without anti-depressants.

The complementary and alternative approach believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. Some alternative and complementary therapies use an understanding of the working of the body which is not studied by practitioners of conventional medicine.

However, more and more people are choosing to use them and find them helpful. Most alternative and complementary treatments are non-invasive and they rarely cause the unwanted or side effects that can be associated with medication. Another benefit of alternative and complementary therapy is that the practitioner commits more time to the client than a GP is usually able to do. This means you may get more quality of care for your individual needs.

Many people who have mental health problems consider trying alternative and complementary therapy and would like to know more about them. Society has changed how we feel about treatments and are more open than ever to trying alternative therapy.

Alternative and complementary therapies can help with a number of different issues that you may have in your life. They can help with mental health issues including depression. They can help with relaxation methods to help with panic attacks that maybe caused by anxiety or stress. You may be moving house or starting a new job and don’t want the side effects of conventional medicine. You may be starting a new job but aren’t suffering with anxiety but need more confidence to be able to make the most of the position that you have been awarded. No conventional medicine is available to help with this. This is when alternative therapies really come into their own. Motivation is also something that cannot be prescribed by your doctor but alternative therapy can help with. Hypnotherapy or life coaching can be used as alternative therapies for motivation and confidence.

We suggest that you seek the advice of a professional trained in the therapy you are considering, and a person involved in your care if you are thinking about changing or starting a treatment.

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