Have You Tried Meditation, But Couldn’t Get It to “Stick”?

Lie down and close your eyes. On each inhalation, picture a white light spreading from your heart throughout your body. Picture its soft light providing warmth and healing to each part of you.

Then, on each exhalation, let go of all spent energy.

After a few minutes of breathing, simply rest in the white light and bask in the wondrous feelings, knowing that you have infinite wisdom in every cell of your body.

Sometimes a fear of what meditation will uncover, or even the concern that the meditation is not being done “correctly” can make it hard to start. Of course it’s hard to change habits, and we need to honor that and give ourselves only gentle encouragement to change. We can, though, use some of the following to help us along:

Little by little approach:

Start off for a much smaller time than anyone recommends. Like five minutes. Really! Every day. Mornings are usually easier, but whatever time works for you is great. Find a special comfortable place. Most important is that you won’t be disturbed; it can even be a car.

Now you may be thinking, yeah, but five minutes?! That’s not going to help me. That’s not even doing anything. But here’s the trick… it’s five minutes more than you were doing yesterday. Five minutes more than doing nothing at all. Five minutes to help your body and mind relax and heal. And you can’t make any excuses – it’s only five minutes. Start with five minutes, and work up to twenty, or whatever feels comfortable for you. If you spend six months at five minutes, that’s a great habit formed, and it’s still over fifteen hours of healing!

Perhaps it’s time to hire some help!

Can you learn to meditate on your own? Sure. It’s just a bit easier if someone is there to guide you through it. There is no “right” or “wrong” in meditation, but when thoughts arise (and they will) it is helpful to have someone to discuss them with afterwards. A therapist is especially beneficial if you’re struggling with, or have struggled with trauma, abuse, anxiety or depression. Sometimes the images and emotions that arise from a meditation session are not easy to work through on your own. Do not let this dissuade you. It is just an indication that there are things in everyone’s past which block our healing today.

My wish for you is that you are able to find the healing you need.

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